XBox 360 (s) doesn't connect to Wi-Fi network

My Xbox 360 (s) is not connecting to internet. I thought of debugging it before i play my favourite game, which is "NFS Rivals". I learned that it works sometime and it doesn't work sometime. So here is what i found.

Whenever the router uses any channel other than "Channel 11", Wi-Fi in XBox 360s won't work. So the shorter fix is as follows.

  1. Go to your router home page from a browser (e.x
  2. Log into the router using admin user name and password (find it on the router itself).
  3. Based on the router you have the user interface may change, but you basically have to go to the Wireless settings page and set the "Channel" to "11". Most of the time it will be set to "Auto", so that the channel with less interference is used by the router.
  4. That's all. Go Game !

But what is this all about

Wi-Fi technology uses radio frequency to transmit data as signals. Most of the Wi-Fi home networks use a narrow radio frequency range of around 2.4GHz for signal transmission. This is the same range used by the XBox 360s router as well. But the issue is that, this range has been distributed further into a number of smaller bands or channels, similar to television channels. There are 14 channels designated in the 2.4 GHz range spaced 5 MHz apart (with the exception of a 12 MHz spacing before channel 14). as shown below.


So it seems that the devices made in US have regulatory constraints to design wi-fi devices that will make sure that they don't interfrence with telephone / microwave / remote and other radio frequency devices, and can only use channel 11. So even if you use it in india, it will only be able to send and receive data at a precise frequencey between 2457 GHz and 2467 GHz.

Happy Gamming !