Design Interview - #1 - Log system

Prologue : We do interviews a lot, and thought it's good time to document some of the questions that we ask. The goal of this series is primarily design interviews, and a list of things that we learn about the interviewee, without expecting anything specific. Think, that's too much ? Welcome to

I in the Innovation

Today every organization is in need and interested to innovate, and is largely seen as a culture problem to solve. To a large extent it is a culture problem but not just it. The problem with innovation is the complexity of making people believe in it and see the value.

Grails #3

The following document is a quick reference list for doing some of the common things in Grails. There can be better ways of doing the same things , but these are handy and will serve as a good reference to start with. How to respond from a REST API ControllerFrom the

Code Review #4

Welcome to yet another code review that we did this week on a service refactor. Each feedback will have three sections File - The file that need to undergo the changeTODO - Suggested changes to the fileA description for why the TODO list should be done. This section is purely

Grails #2 - Writing a URL shortening service

This is a follow up to my previous post on getting setup with Grails. In this post we are going to write a url shortening service in grails based on requirements from educative (Credits to them for giving all the details). On the way, we will discuss the different ways

Grails #1

I started learning grails framework for backend development and thought i will document what i go through during this learning process. I am primarily a C#.NET developer and love to explore unrelated and interesting technologies. Note that i am not writing this for someone who want to learn grails.

Code Review #2 - .NET Considerations

This is yet another code review i was doing the other day and this time it's particularly on the .NET side of things and not about readability. Though i will share some of them, that gives perspectives to code reviewers, specifically .NET folks. about:commit We are migrating our code

Code Review #1 - Readability

The following is actually a commit message that i wrote for a bunch of refactoring i did on our code base (propreitary), to explain to our developers on some of the readability concerns with source code. After writing i realized that this would make up a good blog post because