Atmel Studio 6 : Manually installing Atmel USB driver from the installer executable

I have been frequently seeing issues with installation of Jungo USB driver with customers in various environment. Though we have traced the problems to an extent and fixed them, but still there are wild things out there that are either not brought to our notice or we simply didn’t know about them at all. So am writing this to help you extract things from the installer and installing them manually. To do it, first

  • Extract the installer.
    • To do this, run the following command in command prompt.
    • image
      i.e the installer name followed by extract_all:path
  • Now if you go to e:\extracted\Disk1\ISSetupPrereqisite s\61D4918-7078-4A56-94E6-EDD3A27DD283} , you will find a file by name AtmelUSB. use that file to repair, uninstall, install Jungo and Atmel USB drivers. Note that e:\extracted is the path mentioned in the command line….

Have a good time with studio. Smile