Grails #1

I started learning grails framework for backend development and thought i will document what i go through during this learning process. I am primarily a C#.NET developer and love to explore unrelated and interesting technologies. Note that i am not writing this for someone who want to learn grails.

Code Review #2 - .NET Considerations

This is yet another code review i was doing the other day and this time it's particularly on the .NET side of things and not about readability. Though i will share some of them, that gives perspectives to code reviewers, specifically .NET folks. about:commit We are migrating our code

Code Review #1 - Readability

The following is actually a commit message that i wrote for a bunch of refactoring i did on our code base (propreitary), to explain to our developers on some of the readability concerns with source code. After writing i realized that this would make up a good blog post because

eslint --init fails with error

Could not find a package.json file. Run 'npm init' to create one. Error: Could not find a package.json file. Run 'npm init' to create one. at check (/Users/sdhaksh5/.nvm/versions/node/v10.16.0/lib/node_modules/eslint/lib/init/npm-utils.js:106:15) at Object.checkDevDeps

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Ghost redirects json

Last week i was reviewing my old blog (, and noticed that all the link that i have there, that is suppose to redirect to my new blog ( wasn't working. The reason is that the link that is put there has the following format