AVR Studio 5.0 Bug : The expression “some string” cannot be evaluated


We recently had a customer reporting an interesting issue, that turned out to be a bug with our project system.

The Problem :

The customer actually set the value -Wa,-adhlns=$(<:.c=.lst) in AVR GCC Project Properties –> Toolchain –> Linker –> Miscellaneous Text box. But AVR Studio throws the following error when he tried to save the project.



Reason for failure :

Any project property value in the format $(anything) is regarded as a property that will be evaluated by the Project Engine for a appropriate substitution. For example $(avrdevice) will be replaced with the device name selected when creating the project. But in our case the Project engine recognized the format -Wa,-adhlns=$(<:.c=.lst)  as a replacable property value which don’t have any meaningful value to replace with and therefore fails to evaluate. This is logged as a bug in AVR Studio 5.0 and hopefully it will be fixed in the next version.

Workaround :

Whenever you are forced to store property values with this kind of strings, please URI escape the string and then enter it in the UI. Here are some of the commonly used list of URI replaceable characters

Character Replace with
$ %24
( %28
) %29
< &lt;
> &gt;
& &amp;

We will do this replacement in the next version of the studio.  Smile and thanks to one of our customers who reported this problem.

Have a good time with AVR Studio 5.0.