AVR Studio 5.0 C++ Extension

Hi all,

For all of those C++ fanatics out there, who wait to write programs for AVR , here you go. AVR Studio 5.0 now has beta support for C++ language, project and build features bundled as an Extension. To get the extension : from AVR Studio 5.0 , Tools-> Extension Manager. Then select Online gallery. and Download the AVR GCC C++(Beta)



After AVR Studio 5.0, File menu –> New –> Project , you will see



Create and start working.

What’s the difference.

  • In Project properties you will have C and C++ compiler options separately. Based on the file extension in the project, (.c or .cpp) the compiler options will be passed accordingly.
  • The avr-g++ driver will be used for C++ files for compilation and linking.  To verify which executable the driver actually invokes, turn on verbose logging for the compiler. From Project Properties –> Toolchain –> C++ Compiler –> Miscellaneous –> Verbose.
  • You get language support for C++ language constructs.
  • However debugging has some limitations still.
  • Software framework cannot be used with C++ projects in a straight forward way. Sad smile

Have a good time with AVR Studio C++ Smile