April 28, 2011

AVR Studio 5.0 installation failed to initialize.

When you download AVR Studio 5.0 and launch it, you might be an unfortunate engineer to get an error, something like

@Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (2195)
IE Version: 6.0.2800.1106

One cause for this error, is that you either ended up with a corrupted download or a download that is modified somewhere (virus in most cases). Please try to download the installation again and try it. Some tips…….

What error is this ?

AVR Studio 5.0 is created using Install Shield Packaging software. When you click the AVR Studio Installer executable it will actually initialize the Install Shield runtime (Setup.dll) which will try to extract all the installation related files to a temporary location. In this process, if it finds a file missing, or finds scarce permissions to copy files to temporary location then this kind of errors will come. There are also other reasons that can cause this error, but they are very much specific to the target environment. I will cover them in an another post.

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