AVR Studio 5.0 installation problems in Vista

Hi all,

We recently found one more problem with installation of AVR Studio 5.0 in vista based Operating systems, when UAC is turned off, and .NET and Visual Studio Isolated shell are not present in the system. The symptoms goes like this .

Log on as a non-admin user and turn off UAC. Run the installer. Boo!!! The installer doesn’t prompt to install prerequisites rather it continues with installation of AVR Studio 5.0, and at the middle of the installation it throws an error “RegDbGetKeyEx” failed.

The reason is that the installer of Studio 5.0 tries to query a registry key that is native to Shell, and it fails to find it because the Shell is never installed. Damn..!!! We missed this kind of scenarios.

Why did the shell failed to install ?

        Shell/.NET installation requires UAC elevation, but when the UAC is turned off, the installer is not elevated automatically, and so the administrative privileges are not available. But the installer runtime (Installshield) doesn’t respect this case and silently fails to launch the .NET/Shell installation, but proceeds to its next step of installation, i.e installing studio 5.0. 

To Workaround :

  • Turn on UAC and run installer. (or)
  • Run the installer from an account that has full administrative privileges, or at least the Shell and .NET.

Hope this helps. Smile