AVR Studio problems with Antivirus software's

Lot of people repeatedly report issues that AVR Studio 5.0  installation doesn’t start, Tools not detected etc., In 90% of the cases we found that the problem is either due to an antivirus program running or a corporate firewall disallowing programs to run because of defined domain security polices.

Why ?

Most of the applications downloaded from internet not trusted by corporate antivirus/ firewall that runs on each PC and thence blocks them. Though the AVR Studio 5.0 installer is digitally signed, still the firewall can choose whether or not to allow a signed program to run.  This is where the installer might fail to launch.

AVRStudio is actually composed of two processes that communicate using the TCP/IP protocol via a network port. The antivirus/firewall are configured to block network ports and programs that it doesn't know. So it is recommended to add the program “AVRStudio.exe” to the whitelist / exception list of the firewall/antivirus.

We have seen problems with the following anti virus programs so far

  • Sophos antivirus doesn’t allow AVR Studio 5.0 to be installed. It shows the following error when attempting to launch the installer.  Workaround is suggested as to turn of the antivirus service and starting installation.
  • Norton antivirus allows to install but blocks the communication between AVRStudio and avrdbg.exe. Because why people experienced scenarios where the connected tools are not shown in IDE.
  • Threat Fire antivirus when running, disallows AVRstudio from starting up. Installation worked fine though. The user disabled the anti virus and started AVR Studio and it worked Ok.

Caution : Disabling the antivirus software and running AVR Studio is not a good idea if the source of download is unknown. Like downloading from Torrents, or other file hosting domains


Have a good time with AVR’s