March 16, 2011

AVR Studio problems with Antivirus software's

Lot of people repeatedly report issues that AVR Studio 5.0  installation doesn’t start, Tools not detected etc., In 90% of the cases we found that the problem is either due to an antivirus program running or a corporate firewall disallowing programs to run because of defined domain security polices.

Why ?

Most of the applications downloaded from internet not trusted by corporate antivirus/ firewall that runs on each PC and thence blocks them. Though the AVR Studio 5.0 installer is digitally signed, still the firewall can choose whether or not to allow a signed program to run.  This is where the installer might fail to launch.

AVRStudio is actually composed of two processes that communicate using the TCP/IP protocol via a network port. The antivirus/firewall are configured to block network ports and programs that it doesn't know. So it is recommended to add the program “AVRStudio.exe” to the whitelist / exception list of the firewall/antivirus.

We have seen problems with the following anti virus programs so far


Caution : Disabling the antivirus software and running AVR Studio is not a good idea if the source of download is unknown. Like downloading from Torrents, or other file hosting domains


Have a good time with AVR’s

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