AVRStudio 5.0 crashes before starting, leaving no clue.

I am going to discuss on a bug in Studio 5.0 that will silently crash the studio but, won’t leave any traces anywhere. A pretty nasty one, IMHO.

The Problem : In Windows Vista/7, Studio launches successfully when launched as a normal user (technically called as “asInvoker”). When you right click studio and say “Run as Administrator” the studio tries to start, but will crash in few seconds. No windows, nothing in event log, neither in Activitylog, nor in StatusReporter. This happended in one of our colleague’s machine.

The reason : This is because the studio tries to read the System “PATH” variable from the environment in main() function, and the “PATH” variable doesn’t exist, then things become nasty. Probably the consequence of bad exception handing Sad smile.

To Fix :  From the “Advanced Settings” window, goto the “Environment Variables” section and add an System level variable “PATH” and set it’s value to “c:\windows\system32;c:\windows”. Now restart studio. This is fixed and the next version of studio should have something better than this.


Have a good time with AVR Studio 5.0