Bug : Device Selection dialog is empty when creating a new project

Few customers reported that the Device Selection dialog that comes as part of new project creation flow is empty. Their installation seems to succeed but still the devices doesn't seem to appear in the Dialog. I suggest that you follow this diagnosis procedure to rectify the problem.

  1. From your installation directory check I folder by name "devices" exist and that it has files with the respective device names. In the latest version of studio there should be at least 300+ such device files.
  2. If the files exist then check and clear the cache directory. To clear it, delete the DeviceSummaryCache folder in the %appdata%\Atmel\AtmelStudio\6.1\DeviceSummaryCache and launch atmel studio, and see if the devices show up.
  3. If step 2 still didn't solve the problem then, try to set the appropriate devices directory from Atmel Studio -> Tools Menu -> Device and Tool Libraries -> devices ->DeviceLibraryPath and the value is <Atmel studio Installation directory>\devices.
  4. Now restart studio and see if the problem is fixed. J
  5. If the above procedure didn't work, please proceed and try the following.
    1. From Atmel studio installation folder copy the devices folder and back it up somewhere else.
    2. Now delete all the device xml files except a single file (for testing purposes)
    3. Now lanuch atmel studio and see if this single device appears in the device selection dialog. If it shows up , then probably the problem lies in the race condition where the device summary cache is not created and the new project dialog is launched. To fix this restore the devices folder and lauch atmel studio and wait for a minute or 2 and then launch the New Project wizard.
  6. If the above suggestions doesn't fix the problem, finally do this J
    1. Launch atmel studio from atmelstudio.exe /log from Start->Run
    2. Launch Device Selection Dialog. (No devices are shown) Then close Atmel Studio
    3. Now collect the logs from
      1. %appdata%\Microsoft\AppEnv\10.0\ActivityLog.xml;ActivityLog.xsl
      2. MyDocuments\Atmel\ApplicationStatus.log (In XP it would be c:\documents and settings\user name\ my documents\atmel)
  7. Please see if there are any errors in the above logs and if so, send it back to us.
Update : Please check if the characters in your path are non-english characters, if so i recommend to use a path with only English characters and check. If some of you find this workaround working for you, write a comment, about it.