Building binutils-gdb crashes arch linux

Hi all,

Today I was trying to setup Binutils-gdb in my arch Linux x64 machine, for which I downloaded the sources and about to follow the usual steps. i.e



make install

I tried to save some time and invoked make with -j option, i.e run in parallel. And make ran for sometime and boom ! the system crashed and restarted. i looked into the system journal as follows

dmesg | tail

which said that there is a seg fault in I cannot do anything with this information. But then I ran make again, to see where it crashes. Am totally unfortunate this time as well, because X closed immediately after the crash, and I don't have any time to fully capture the crashed moment visually. But next time when I ran make, I accidently looked into the process status displayed by conky and noticed that at the time of the crash, swap started and terminated. So we suspected that the problem could be that the RAM is full and tries to page, and fails for some reason. We then examined the swap partition of the system, and ah! there is no swap partition. So that should be the problem. We created one swap partition (search for "create the swap partition in arch Linux" in google) and this time, the compilation worked and went smoothly.