Changing the toolchain in Atmel Studio 6.0 and AVR Studio 5.1

To change the toolchain in studio 6 there are two steps.

  1. 1. Configure a custom toolchain in the studio.
  2. Add the custom toolchain to the project

To configure a custom toolchain in studio, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Toolchain Flavor* configuration from Tools menu –> Options –> Toolchain –> Flavor configuration.
  2. From the list of platforms displayed, select a platform for which you want to add a toolchain.
  3. Click imageand enter the details

  4. In case if you want this toolchain to be configured as the default for all the projects created for the selected platform, then clickimage
  5. Now you have configured a toolchain for the studio environment,

Now the next step is to create a project with this toolchain. To do that

  1. Create a project from File –> New project –> some project template –> select some device
  2. Make sure that the device you selected is previous step is supported by the toolchain you configured in the flavor configuration dialog.
  3. After the project is created go to the Project Properties dialog. Right click Project –> Properties –> Advanced  tab.
  4. From the list select “Foobar” and you are done. The project will use this toolchain.

Have a good time with studio. Smile