Collecting logs during a debugging session

Hi all,

While working in Atmel studio, and debugging your project, there are two level of abstraction for the debugger in the studio and the actual debug hardware (In a high level., there are more in it).

1. The Studio communicates with an application that does all the work of communicating to the hardware etc.,( avrdbg.exe) and it in-turn communicates through the low level drivers to the actual hardware. All these communications support extensive logging that tells you what happens during debugging, connecting device etc., I request you to read this post to know how to collect logs about the communication between the hardware and avrdbg. Now to collect logs about the communication between the studio and the avrdbg follow these steps.

  1. From studio, goto View –> Other Windows –> TCF trace. Now a window will open. Keep it open.
  2. Now start debugging, connect your tool. Then do what you want to do.
  3. After you are done terminate the debug session. and go to the TCF trace window. It will have a bulk of logs.

You can see it for yourself / send back to Atmel Smile

Hope this helps.