Configure Reliance Netconnect in Fedora 14

Hi all,

After learning for a couple of days i figured out, about how to make the Reliance Netconnect work in Fedora 14. I had seen a lot of blog posts that explain how to acheive it from command line but this one is for the user who want to do it from the UI. Am a big fan of  Windows. Ok,  Here are the steps. Also this procedure assumes that the user has root previliges.

  1. Connect your reliance netconnect USB Dongle to the computer.

  2. From the taskbar -> System menu -> Preferences -> Select "Network Connections".

  3. From the dialog, goto the mobile broadband tab, click "Add".

  4. A dialog will appear listing the USB Dongle in the list box. As far as i know it should be either "ZTE ..." or "HUWAI....".  Select it and click "Forward"

  5. Select your contry as "India". (I guess Reliance Netconnect is available only in India, if not am sorry :) ). and click "Forward".

  6. On the next page it will list the providers that are known. Select "Reliance" from the list of options and click "Forward".

  7. It will ask to confirm the changes and click "Apply". Please do so.

  8. Now it will ask for the Username and Password. Enter them and please remember to check the "Available to all users" option.

  9. From the taskbar click on the Network Icon and then click "Reliance netconnect", and you should be getting the internet working through Reliance Netconnect.

Have a good time