Configuring Pidgin to work with Lync server in Arch Linux

Hi all,

The organization i work for uses Lync as the official commumicator, and we are recommended to use them as well. The challenging part is that am running arch linux with a tiling window manager, which is not so supported configuration for a Lync client. Somehow i managed to make it work. Here are the steps (am writing it specifically with Arch Linux in mind, but the configurtion part should be applicable for any linux distro). There are two parts in the process.

  1. Setup Pidgin

  2. Configure Pidgin for Lync

Setup Pidgin

  • Install Pidgin from Arch official repository, as follows.                 pacman -S pidgin
  • Install pidgin-sipe. As far as i tried, this package is not available in the offical repository. So you have to download and build it.
  • Building is quiet straight pidgin-sipe-source-tree configure --prefix=~/.purple/plugins make make install
  • Now start pidgin
  • From the menu click "Accounts" -> "Manage Accounts"
  • Click "Add" from the dialog.
  • From the "Basic tab" choose protocol as "Office communicator".
  • Enter your user name. This is probably your official email address. Note that the corporate user id will not work here, because Lync works based on a lync account registered with microsoft ( and so you should contact your IT department and understand your credentials.  Also note that your email alias will not work as well.
  • Leave the "Login" text empty
  • Enter the password in the "password field". Note again, that this password might not necessarily be the same as your corporate login password. The microsoft lync service will have it's own. You should have got it from your IT department.
  • Check the "Remember Password" option.
  • Leave the "Alias" field empty.
  • Now go to the second tab "Advanced"
  • The first field is "Server[:Port]". Enter the server address for your lync service. A possible default value for this field is If this doesn't work get one from your IT department. Alternatively you can leave this field blank and let pidgin attempt to discover one for you. Also you can open Lync messenger in some windows machine, and loopup the server address.
  • Next field, Set "Connection Type" to "Auto"
  • Next field, set "User Agent" to "UCCAPI/15.0.4420.1017 OC/15.0.4420.1017". (without quotes).  This is the defult value for the lync server. For a list of possible values refer this FAQ.
  • Next field, select "Authentication Scheme" as "TLS-DSK
  • You can ignore the rest of the options, and try connecting. It should work. Let me know if face errors :-)
Have a good time with Arch Linux.