Debugging an AVR Studio 5.0 Installation Failure – Part I

    Good Day :)
    When installing AVR Studio 5.0 you can trust that there will not be any failures but if you experience failures, here are some of the reasons i know . These are not very obvious but situations that are prevailing in the real world for any or most of installers and some cautions/notes to fix them. I prefix each point with either a Note/Error to make it easier to distinguish.
  1. Check for the release notes document about the supported operating systems and see if it matches your system specification. Also good to read the “Downloading and Installation” section and the Known Issues section.
  2. If you see an error dialog like the one below when double clicking the installer package, it is most likely that the installer package you downloaded is possibly corrupted :(
    Error Code: -5001 : 0x80070002 Error Information: >SetupNew\setup.cpp (142) PAPP: PVENDOR: PGUID:
    This had happened (unfortunately) for some of the users and re downloading the package again and trying install had helped. I had seen this problem once when downloading my favorite game “GTA San Andreas”, where it downloaded the file using multiple requests and merged them finally into a single file, and when i eagerly double clicked it i found that line 142 in file setup.cpp in the installer runtime dll provides end users a chance to gracefully handle the exception.
  3. I recommend keeping the installer package in a local location (or) precisely a location of full trust and read permissions. If not, the installation will not show up errors/warnings, but when it encounters a situation dishonoring the system/user/domain permissions or policies then it will blast with a error that might or might not describe the actual problem (in most cases it will, but never shoot in the wild, when you feel utter darkness around) .
  4. In Windows Vista/7 the installer will ask you for UAC elevation, please acknowledge it. (An extreme case : Once i ran the installer and went away to grab a cup of Green Tea and had a chat with my friend over there and came back, and for the greatest surprise the installer dialog is neither there and nor in Task manager, the UAC dialog seems to have timeouts.)
  5. By this time you should have a glass of Jack or your favorite drink and watch the installer initializing, but since you are, we will discuss on the next step of the installer i.e “Extracting files to a temporary location” . This step also has much to do with permissions and stuff. The target location in almost all cases is %TEMP%, but in Machines like Vista/7 where you are running install from un trusted location it can be \Windows\temp. Ensure the following
    1. Enough disk space (~700 MB for the installer, not sure though) which is the size of installer after extracting it. Note that this is temp space required for running installation, not the disk space for deploying files :)
    2. The user has write permissions to temp directory (If any one of the above is not satisfied then the user will get an error like “Unable to copy file : xxxx ")C
  6. OK, now the installer should have prompted you a dialog that will list all the prerequisites. If you don’t have .NET 4.0 in your system it will install .NET 4.0. Some of the things to look for in there are
      1. .NET Installation needs Windows Imaging component and Windows Installer 3.1 as prerequisites if you are running installation in Windows XP SP3 or Windows Server 2003. Both of these are neither shipped with SP3 nor with AVR Studio 5.0 . But if you have automatic updates ON and updating your OS regularly then this should not be a problem.
      2. Please make sure the Windows Installer Service is running (By default the service is set to startup type manual, I don;t know if it will be started automatically based on installation servicing requests).
      3. Please make sure you don’t have any pending restarts after installing windows updates. (Ensure this step before starting AVR Studio 5.0 Installation)
      4. If you are connected to Internet during installation of .NET (in Windows 7, not sure about other OS’s) the installer will optionally try to install necessary updates using the BITS service, make sure it is running (Background Intelligent Transfer service).
      5. In case you are running from inside a corporate network, then windows updates might be disabled by your domain controller and the installation might take more than an hour trying to negotiate permissions with the domain controller and apparently fails and retries again (I guess it does 4 retries). In this case i recommend to disconnect the network and start installation, which will skip optional updates installation.
      6. If you still have problems that is not listed below search for the Log File “Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Setup.html” from %TEMP% directory (users’s temp directory). Look for the error, and either bing it send it to ATMEL Customer support.
BED Time :) Will continue the story later