Debugging an AVR Studio 5.0 Installation Failure Part II

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We started discussing the possible chances of AVR Studio 5 installation failures in the previous blog. From there i will continue.

Once .NET Framework is successfully installed, the installer might ask for a reboot. Prompting a reboot doesn’t necessarily happen every time. Our experiences indicate that the reboot is prompted

  • When the installer installed KB updates and had to restart System services.
  • When the installer finds that there are some files it needs to update, but they were (potentially) locked, in this case the installer marks these files for install, on the reboot. So its a good practice to close all the programs before any installation. (Note : AVR Studio 5.0 installer doesn’t look for locked files before install)
  • When the installer added environment variables, and they need to be reflected to other processes. Since it might possibly affect the running services, the installer will ask for reboot.
  • The rest is something that you might see :)

Ok, now the next step in installation is the big boy (Visual studio Isolated Shell 2010). For a smooth installation of the shell, we don’t need to do anything special as everything is taken care, but we observed a probability of 1/50 that any one of the following might occur.

  • Most of the cases that i mentioned for .NET also applies to this. (Am too lazy to point that most, but sure it isn't that cryptic to map).
  • The Isolated Shell Installation UI wizard is based on the IE plug-in, So it is a good idea to keep the IE security level to low. (By default there should not be any problems). Keeping high security levels had surfaced UI items not been drawn correctly.
  • One of our failure experience is where the user has IE 8 (some version, i don’t remember) and the Shell Installer Hung (in background thread it is active though; 50% CPU usage, and i guess its a dual core PC). Reverting back the IE version worked out. This happened on Windows XP 32-bit with SP3.
  • Another problem we saw is when it tried to parse an XML File (Machine.Config) for some reason and failed. Then we removed the some beta components of previous versions of .NET Framework and it worked.
  • Another problem is when there is a cancelled installation of the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. The fact about how we found that the installation is cancelled is a bit vague though (by analyzing the logs of a third party installed application that was not working). Then we used the .NET cleanup tool to clean all the orphaned stuff left by the .NET Installer and made it work. I have no idea why this happens during Shell Installation and not in .NET installation.
  • If you are a fanatic VS plug-in developer and you had installed VS SDK 2010 RC, then forget about installing Isolated Shell 2010. You need to uninstall the RC and install VS SDK 2010 RTM. (I myself had not tested this with SDK 2010 SP1).

After all this is done, the installer might restart (based on the criteria we discussed). If so please accept it.




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