March 12, 2011

Debugging an AVR Studio 5.0 Installation Failure Part II

Hi all,

This blog is for the one who doesn’t want to read it. :)

We started discussing the possible chances of AVR Studio 5 installation failures in the previous blog. From there i will continue.

Once .NET Framework is successfully installed, the installer might ask for a reboot. Prompting a reboot doesn’t necessarily happen every time. Our experiences indicate that the reboot is prompted

Ok, now the next step in installation is the big boy (Visual studio Isolated Shell 2010). For a smooth installation of the shell, we don’t need to do anything special as everything is taken care, but we observed a probability of 1/50 that any one of the following might occur.

After all this is done, the installer might restart (based on the criteria we discussed). If so please accept it.




Yet another bed time… :)

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