March 14, 2011

Debugging an AVR Studio 5.0 Installation Failure – Part III

Yo ! everyone. Diving into the story, we are done with our most of 3rd party stuff. Now the only thing remaining is probably the Jungo USB Driver v10.2. AVR Studio 5.0 ships this by default and installs/updates itself, if it is not in the target PC/a older version exists.

Once Jungo installation is done, we are are not prompted for a restart :).

Now that all the prerequisites for AVR Studio 5 are installed, it’s time to install our real piece of art. a.k.a AVR Studio 5.0. The UI Sequence is pretty straightforward. So there would not be much of complexity about “How to install”. Just go through then “Installing and Downloading” section in release notes that has the same piece of stuff i don’t want to duplicate here. Ensure enough disk space, and administrative privileges. Some of the things that the installer does other than copying files,

Once copying is done, then you are good to start AVRStudio 5.0. :)



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