Find the toolchain Installation Path in Atmel Studio 6.0 +

Hi all,
This post agian is a short trivia on exploiting some of the details of the toolchain's installed along with Atmel studio. This applies to the Atmel studio 6.0 and 6.1 versions. To publish the same details of the earlier versions, send me a request and i would perhaps write this post for them as well, but now i prefer being a bit lazy and have this post too short as always. :)

Ok, what's this post, again this is based on a search engine term that redirected the poor searcher to this site, but am sure, he would not have found the answer, but not the next time.

As you all might know that , Atmel studio by default ships 4 toolchains (Perhaps it explains the rational behind the size of the installation). They are
> AVR-GCC 8bit toolchain
> AVR-GCC 32bit toolchain
> ARM-GCC toolchain with CMSIS binaries
> AVRASM2 AVR 8-bit native assembler. (produces nordic object file)

To find the installation of these toolchains you should goto Atmel Studio -> Tools ->Options ->Toolchain -> Package Configuration. Now select the appropriate toolchain and see it's base path being displayed. The include path, lib path should be inside these folders. Remember to check for the Flavour by name "Native".