May 24, 2012

Finding the integrity of an installer download

This article discusses about verifying the integrity of an Atmel Studio installer. This is required when you face issues trying to install Atmel Studio.  To do so,

  1. Check the size of the downloaded file against the one, published in the website.
  2. Check if the installer name is same as what it is in the website
  3. Check the checksum of the installer. The checksum is the most reliable way. To verify the checksum of a downloaded file there are a number of tools available . One such is fciv.exe. Download this tool and run it from the command prompt as follows. (More info about fciv tool.)
> fciv.exe -md5 -sha1 <full_path_to_atmelstudioinstaller.exe>
The above command will emit a hash key. Verify if it is same as the one mentioned in the Atmel website. (Note : The checksum should be available in the same page as the atmel studio download link. Both md5 and sha1 should be available.)

More information about the utility is here.

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