HID Report Writer, Readme

HID Report Writer [To be released on December 5th 2013 in Atmel Gallery]


Hid Report Writer supports sending and receiving HID raw reports from the device. Application lists all connected HID Devices [Section_1 in Figure] and selecting a device displays basic information about the selected device [Section_2 in Figure].

Write Panel allows you to type raw reports. The remaining bytes that can be added in the report is updated while you are typing and displayed in the GUI. After entering the reports, Use the “Write” button to send the report to the device [Section_3 in Figure].

“Read” button reads reports from the device. The reports will be displayed in the Output Panel. If device is operating in continuous send mode, Select “Start Continuous Read”. Then reports are polled and displayed in the output panel periodically [Section_4 in Figure].

If the application is in “Continuous Read Mode”, Output panel keeps only 1000 records and old records will be removed. But all the records that are coming from the device will get written in to a log file. GUI supports enabling / disabling logging, configuring log folder and log file size.  Each log session is represented by a folder inside the master log folder configured in GUI. Individual file size in log session can be controlled by LogFile Size option in GUI.  New files are created when the current file size exceeds LogFile Size [Section_5 in Figure].

Logging is only supported in “Continuous Read Mode”. In “Normal mode”  “Save button” allows saving data from Output Panel.