How to install the ATEN Serial to USB adapter in Windows 8 !

I am super thrilled to install and work with the tablet style new windows 8. I previously used the developer preview of it, but am much much convinced to use the consumer preview. Ah ! I forget to mention that this is my office PC where we do all the super cool development work. Today for some reason I am supposed to install the driver for ATEN USB to Serial adapter on my PC, but the installer won’t let me continue just because am using an operating system of the near future. WTF !!!.

I launched Process monitor and then ran this installer and followed the actions. And for my surprise it copied some executable inside the folder %Program Files%\Aten International .,\UC232_WIn7_c64. Now copy this folder to your windows 8 PC and open a command prompt with administrative privileges and cd to the folder where you copied your files. Now run the command

DPInst_x64.exe /C  /A

Now you should see your driver being preinstalled to the driver store. When you connect your device then it should start to work.

Have a good time with Windows 8 Smile