HTML Cheat sheet

Hi all,
When working with HTML, i hate the fact that i have to search for syntax of certain things all the time. So i thought i will write my own cheat sheet, that's handy, and here it is. If you think something else can be added to this page, please post in comments. We can collaborate and fix things together. Happy HTML'ing.

  1. How to insert HTML fragment into your HTML document
    Include the following java script file in your html file
<script include="">

Add the following line as well

<div data-include="/path/to/the-file-you-want-to-include.html">

2. How to control the size of a <pre> element
Use the following style properties
.pre {
        width:500px; //Or the width you want to specify.
  1. How to set auto width / auto fit contents for columns in a HTML table

    Use the following style properties
.table {