Import your legacy projects into ATMEL Studio 6.0

Introducing "Create project from Makefile(Beta)" extension

Ø What is the use of this extension ?
     This is an extension to Atmel Studio 6 and it will be helpful for creating Atmel Studio 6 projects from the existing project’s MakeFile.
Ø How to Install?
o  In Atmel Studio goto ‘Tools->Extension Manager -> Online Gallery-> Create Project from Makefile(Beta)’ Select download and install
o  Restart Atmel Studio
o  The extension will be available under ‘Tools->Create Project from Makefile
Ø How to Use?
o  Open “Tools->Create Project form Makefile’
o   Provide the make file, project name and other necessary setting and click ‘Create Project'
o   Device selection dialog will be displayed for selection of device.
o   Select the device and click finish. New project will be created.
Ø Tips and Tricks
o   The extension creates an AtmelStudio6 project that is internally uses same make file (as external make file project)
o   To get a neat folder structure in the generated project, we have to choose appropriate project location. By default, It will create a project file in the make file path. The files which are residing in the inner directories relative to the make file will be shown inside directories in the solution  and the files which are residing in the outer directories relative to the project location will appear as a link file in the solution.
o   It will use make.exe internally to parse the make file. So provide the appropriate make target. By default it will take all the files that are added in the ‘all’ target.