Install Shield 2010, The case of a failing prerequisite in Silent Mode

Hi all,

WHEW !!!! Today i was spending the whole day in figuring out a failure in an application installation created with Install Shield 2010. The application succeeds in normal mode (interactive mode), but failed in silent mode. Ok, lets start eliminating the varibable parameters in this problem.

  • If this is a problem with the target machine then, the application wont install in normal mode either. So target machine /environment seems ok
  •  Then we suspected the prerequistes being installed with the application, but the configuration we set for the prerequisites in Normal mode and silent mode are one and the same. So we don't have any other choice other than investigating the Install Shield itself.
  • Then we changed the version of the InstallShield runtime deployed with our installer package. For those who wonder what the InstallShield runtime is, It is a 600 KB Dll (ISSetup.dll) that is shipped along with any install shield installer project. Its a pain to extract the setup.exe package and replace the runtime inside it, but we gracefully handled it :).
The Resolution : Seems the Install Shield 2010 runtime has a bug that causes silent installations to fail when invoked with Setup Prerequisites. (i guess). So we installed Install Shield 2010 SP1 and it worked. :) .