Installing Cisco VPN Client in Windows 10 professional (x64)

Hi all,

Failing to install my Cisco VPN client in my windows 10 x64 box, I googled around and found different workarounds and all of them contributed to fix the issue but one of them didn't do the trick. Thought I will collate the things that worked and add the things that were missed by each one of them and do a compilation. Here are the steps. (Hint : Before following any of these , if you have a Virtual machine installed and you are not using it anymore, just uninstall it, reboot the machine and try installing cisco VPN client.)

  1. Disable any "Virtual box Host only adapter" network connections.
  2. First fix/create the following registry key
    1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network\MaxNumFilters
    2. Set it's (Default) value to 14.
  3. First fix your "Deterministic Network Enhancer", whatever it is Cisco VPN Client relies on it.
    1. A detailed write up of it is mentioned here ( But in short, you have to basically install 3 things in the order mentioned. (If prompted for a restart please do it)
      3. ( This is not the same installer as in step 2)
  4. Now reboot the machine and install Cisco VPN Client.
  5. After installation completion, go to the registry and find the following key
    1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CVirtA. Now search for the Key name "Display Name" and set it's value to "Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows".
  6. Now restart the machine and attempt to create/import profiles and attempt to connect to it.