Modifying a VS Extension to work with AVR Studio 5.0

AVR Studio 5.0 is based on the Visual Studio Isolated Shell 2010 platform and hence VSIX extensions written for Visual Studio can easily be made to work with AVR Studio 5.0, provided that the author of the extension is okay with it. Here's how you can do it.

    • Download the extension which will be typically a vsix file. The vsix file is an archive that will bundle a set of binaries + metadata +  resources.
    • Now rename this someExtension.vsix to
    • Extract its contents and you will get a folder with name someExtension, which will contain some files similar to
    • image
    • Locate the extension.vsixmanifest file. This is a xml file that defines the details of the package and details on how to deploy it.
    • Inside the file, find the tag <SupportedProducts>
    • It would be something like, as follows. (Not exactly but similar)
<SupportedProducts> <VisualStudio Version="10.0"> <Edition>Ultimate</Edition> </VisualStudio> </SupportedProducts>
    • Locate the above fragment and change it as follows. If you want to install the extension into both VS and AVR Studio, you can simply add the IsolatedShell tag (shown below), instead of replacing existing contents.
<SupportedProducts> <IsolatedShell Version="5.0">AVRStudio</IsolatedShell> </SupportedProducts>
  • Now we need to reverse the steps. Zip all the contents of the folder someExtension and rename the zip file back to .vsix.
  • Now double click the .vsix file on a machine where AVR Studio is installed. Please make sure that AVR Studio 5.0 is closed while installation. You will the below dialog.


Click install and in a second or two you are done. Now open AVRStudio and you'll find the extension under Tools –> Extension Manager –> Installed Extensions

Have a good time extending AVR Studio 5.0Smile.