My Project Space: Atmel Studio extension for managing projects

MPS Image

Note: For Atmel Studio Version 6.0, Works fine with Atmel Studio 6.0 projects
To understand MPS in Short try following exercise;
From a desire project directory that contains your projects
1)      Open a device specific project
2)      Open a ASF version specific project
3)      Open a connected target specific project (or disconnected )
4)      For QTouch Project, Open the project with some no. of Slider, Button or Wheel.
Now try with specific device, ASF module, target, ASF version..etc ...etc  L……..
MPS can do all these for you.

Here is what MPS can do for you
1)      Filters Atmel Studio project from project directory.
2)      Added different project directories.
3)      Filters each Project directory based on Project type supported by Atmel Studio.
4)      Based on project type list all Atmel projects with following details  - Solution Name, Project Name, Device used , ASF Version
5)      View project details without opening a project
6)      Displays common project details like Solution Name, Device series , Toolchain used, Output type, Output file extension, Language used, ASF modules used
7)      Displays project Specific details
8)      Open selected project in existing instance or in new instance of Atmel Studio.
9)      MPS can call conversion for Studio 4 specific projects.
10)   Filter projects based on connected Tools
11)   Open Project directory folder or project folder.

Download MPS here.
Just double click on the downloaded VSIX and you should be good to go.

Comments and Suggestion are Welcome!!!