Soundar D



My overall objective is to improve software systems through the development of novel techniques as well as the application of known engineering principles.


12+ years in software development in .NET and Java.

  • 9 years - Semiconductor Industry
  • 3+ years - US Healthcare


Description Current Past
Languages C# Java,Python,Ruby,C,C++
.NET Technologies ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, NHibernate ORM, IIS WPF,WCF
Databases SQL Server Postgres, MongoDB, SQLite
CI/CD Jenkins, Bamboo AWS SDK, Puppet
Operating Systems MacOS Windows, Linux
Java Technologies - Spring, Tomcat, MyBatis
Other Redis, Elastic, RabbitMQ, Azure, Artifactory, Nuget, F5 BigIP Nginx, IIS, Squid Proxy
Concepts Web Development, Cloud, Microservices Debuggers, IDE, Compilers, Firmware development
Hobby Neo4j, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby


OptumInsight India Pvt Ltd, India Engineering Manager (from 2016)
My most recent projects are in US healthcare. They are referral and scheduling workflow applications which impact close to 100,000 patients a month. Their outcomes impact important health decision of patients, so myself and my team are so passionate and empathitic about developing it.

Atmel R&D India Pvt Ltd, India Senior Software Engineer (2010-2016)
I worked on developing IDE's for embedded programmers to develop, build, debug programs targeting the Atmel Microcontrollers. I am a big fan of the AVR microcontroller and have worked a lot closer with Arduino and it's ecosystem.

HCL Technologies, India Software Engineer (2007-2010)
I am part of the team that developed software to drive wafer inspection machines to analyze defects.

In my personal time


  • Semantic Debugging for AVR Microcontrollers - Published in Atmel Journal
  • Commercializing and productizing Arduino AVR sketches - Published in Atmel India Symposium, Chennai
  • HaaS - Hardware as a service with eDBG and Atmel Kits - Published in Atmel India Symposiym, Chennai


  • Realtime Geodistance sorting using SSSP algorithm on graph models - "Show doctors with UHG insurance". Google or anyone else cannot answer this one, because map providers don't have reliable Healthcare information, and vice voca. In this project we attempt to load the geohash of a region, load providers in respective lat/long and store it in a Neo4j Graph database. The graph is such that each 150m is a node and the edge determines the presence of a route. We loaded the initial data from Open street Maps and store it locally. Once setup, we can provide distance sorting at a competative time of 58ms for 1000 geo results sorting.

  • IamDoc - A crowdsourced platform for provider roaster data for US healthcare, which will solve a $2 billion/year for the industry.

  • Smart Insurance - A platform for writing health insurance contracts in a declarative language such that the EOB is programatically driven which creates transperancy between provider and payer.

  • Edge computing aware Encounters - Everyone want data in healthcare. Noone want to enter it. Payer is notified about a claim at the end of the process. What if hardware can help the transactions between a patient and payer when visiting the provider.

  • Curated Health insurance plans using Machine Learning - We adopted an existing linear regression technique to expose patterns of health outcomes when based on patient care continum. We did this for a section of medicare patients and proposed a model that can advise on the risk score of a patient and his potential CTC.

Three leadership styles, I follow

To me, life is like skiing in the mountain, where you manuveor due course but you know where to start and where to end and importantly you posses the apetite, courage and skills to do so.

Education days

I hold an engineering degree in computer science, and a diploma in computer technology, totalling 7 years of academic experience in computer and softwares.

During my college days,

  • Worked part-time in training institutes to manage my pocket expenses.
  • Wrote programs in java script, c, c++ for PHd scholors supporting their thesis work.
  • Volunteered to do cabling, crimping, configuring Cisco switches, installing Windows OS's in university laboratory.


I learned lot, worked hard, met great people, had lots of fun and I look forward to build more meaningful software and people. To conenct, please send an email to soundararajan@outlook.com or visit my linkedin.