Soundararajan Dhakshinamoorthy


My overall objective is to improve software systems through the development of novel techniques as well as the application of known engineering principles.

From low level code to high level abstractions I enjoyed working in different business segments for the past 12 years, primarily in .NET and related technologies.

I have a fair understanding of the US healthcare and it's working dynamics and everyday we make innovative solutions for making data interoperability better.

I have also worked with the semiconductor industry in the past working with cutting edge microcontrollers, data acquisition and hardware interactions.


Description Current Past
Languages C# Java,Python,Ruby,C,C++
.NET Technologies ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, NHibernate ORM, IIS WPF,WCF
CI/CD Jenkins, Bamboo AWS SDK, Puppet
Operating Systems MacOS Windows, Linux
Java Technologies - Spring, Tomcat, MyBatis
Other Redis, RabbitMQ, Azure, Artifactory, Nuget, F5 BigIP Nginx, IIS, Squid Proxy
Concepts Web Development, Cloud, Microservices Debuggers, IDE, Compilers, Firmware development

OptumInsights India Pvt Ltd, India Engineering Manager (from 2016)
My most recent projects are in US healthcare. They are referral and scheduling workflow applications which impact close to 100,000 patients a month. Their outcomes impact important health decision of patients, so myself and my team are so passionate and empathitic about developing it.

Atmel R&D India Pvt Ltd, India Senior Software Engineer (2010-2016)
I worked on developing IDE's for embedded programmers to develop, build, debug programs targeting the Atmel Microcontrollers. I am a big fan of the AVR microcontroller and have worked a lot closer with Arduino and it's ecosystem.

HCL Technologies, India Software Engineer (2007-2010)
I am part of the team that developed software to drive wafer inspection machines to analyze defects.

In my personal time

I have a bunch of personal projects in Github, answer questions in Stackoverflow, run my own blog, and love to speak in acedemic instutions.


I hold an engineering degree (hons.) in computer science, and a diploma degree in computer technology.


I learned a lot, worked hard, met great people, had a lot of fun and I look forward to enjoy building more meaningful software and people. To conenct, please send an email to or visit my linkedin page

Soundararajan Dhakshinamoorthy