Running Atmel Studio 6.0 in windows 8

Update : Atmel studio 6.1 officially supports Windows 8, so you could perhaps prefer downloading 6.1 instead of 6.0, from Atmel web site.

I was trying to run the Atmel studio in Windows 8 machine which I am running till the release of Windows 8 and thought of sharing my experiences.


  • Other than the USB installation, everything else was smooth. To fix it follow this post.
  • The studio and other installation runs smooth and ended successfully.
Studio start
  • There had been some issues in starting the studio in a straight forward way. So follow these steps to have a smooth operation.
  1. Start Atmel Studio from desktop. When it opens you might get a dialog as follows image
  2. This probably means that the debugging module (avrdbg.exe) is not able to start for some reason. Click “Stop trying to connect” button.
  3. Now goto Tools menu –> Options –> Debugger –> Atmel Debugger. Set the following settings. image
  4. Now goto installation location of studio. goto the avrdbg folder. Right click avrdbg.exe and “Run as Administrator”.
  5. Now start studio from desktop (no need to run as administrator) and things should work properly.
  6. You could perhaps create a sample project and try debugging it.
Have a good time with studio. Smile