Assembly References not resolved in .NET

Problem : Today I was working on an interesting problem in .NET, where a reference to an assembly is resolved physically, but then it is not included when MS Build tries to lookup types in that assembly.  Reason : Though a reference assembly is physically resolved there seems to be certain

MSBuild assembly resolve order

Hi all, In case if you are curious about what order is followed by MSBuild while resolving references during managed build process, it is as follows. 1. Resolve {CandidateAssemblyFiles} List of assemblies, which must be absolute file names or project-relative file names, to use for the search and raesolution process.

Did Thou miss _______ in LINQ ?

Hi all, I were heavily exercising LINQ in one of my Lexical Analyzer application, in course somewhere i felt that given a Enumerable collection and a action delegate, there is no extensions in Linq to perform an action on each element in the collection. I don’t actually know if


Am serious about knowing what is the purpose of having System.Windows.Forms.Timer Enabled and Start(), and finally arrived with a conclusion that Enabled is set to true internally in method Start(). The entire business logic to disable the timer is written in the Enabled Setter. What happens when