Things that i get inspired from Pokemon Go

When i started the playing the game Pokemon Go i felt really exicted about all the imaginary characters around me and spent quiet an amount of time catching them. Over time i started to approach the game from a more philosophical manner for no reason. There are a few triggering points for why i started to think that way, but my daughter is one main reason behind it. For her the character just exists, not just meta physically, but in real world, and it's lot of fun for her.

I thought a lot about the game and started to find few interesting things in it, that are queasily related to real life. Here there are

  • "Niantic - The Pokemon Company"

    There will be a few hand full of products in the software world, that give a meaning for the organization that developed it. In consumer products it's quiet common. For example, Who knows that "Dettol" is manufactured by "Reckitt Benckiser". I would guess, a very few. The product giving an identity to it's organization is the best pride a product can get. In the software industry, this is something very uncommon, but "Pokemon GO" has earned that position.

  • "The Doer and the Knower are the same"

    Typically in games, there are three characters. The real you, the imaginary you, and the imaginary they. Meaning that you the gamer is not you the character, even though that is what makes every other game in the world interesting for anyone. Pokemon Go doesn't have you the real and you the imaginary. There only is, they the imaginary, but the fact that you the real and you the imaginary are one and the same, makes you feel that they the imaginary as real. In short, the knower and the doer are the same.

  • "Evolution ...."

    The more pokemon's you catch , they can be evolved. This is kind of debatable because it gives the credit to "Count of something" as evolution. It's actually not the count of something, but a bunch of pokemon's giving rise to a better of it's kind. If you think of it, we take that one powerful pokemon out of the 25/50 pokemon of the same kind and evolve it, meaning beings that cannot fight loose their point to survive :-(, and the beings that prove their abilities for the the next level in evolution, survive.