Unable to program the target with newly created projects / example projects in studio 5.0 RTM

Yesterday, we came across an interesting problem, where one of our applications engineer is not able to program a newly created project to a target board. (I guess it’s some UC3AB series device, but not sure). We (my colleague Partha) dig into the problem and we found that the guy had installed the beta build of studio 5.0 and then uninstalled it, and then installed the RTM version (5.0.1223) of it. Good; he did everything correctly.. but still he is wondering *** is happening.

We found it at last. The problem is that the Studio 5.0 (beta)installer left out some of the files while uninstalling. BUG ? No not at all from the installer’s standpoint. But from the product’s standpoint it is, indeed.

To fix this : Clear the following folders, after uninstall of Studio 5.0 beta.

1. <Install Dir> \ ProjectsTemplateCache

2. <Install Dir> \ extensions\ application\ ~PC (if exists)

In case you are interested to read further about the reason for failure  :

The example projects and template projects shown in new project dialog are shipped as a zip file, and extracted to a cache location when studio starts for the first time. This cache location is not created by the installer so the installer refuses to remove them during uninstall, which IMHO is right. (I am referring to the Studio 5.0 beta installer).

When the apps engineer installed 5.0 RTM to the same location now the legacy cache folder is already there, and so the new version of Studio uses the old version of project template cache, which is likely to fail. So we removed the cache and run the studio that will automatically create a new version of cache and things started to work correctly.

NOTE : We fixed this for the 5.0 installer. So there will be no leftovers from a product standpoint from 5.0 installer onwards.

Thanks for your time, and have a wonderful time with Studio 5.0 Smile