March 7, 2013

Using WinAVR with Atmel Studio 6.0 or later

To get right into the problem, skip paragraph 1 J

A lot of people have a slightest of impression that Atmel studio drops support for other flavours of GCC toolchain's other than the one that is natively shipped with Atmel studio, and the fact is NO. Atmel studio ships a home brewed beer by default, but that doesn't necessarily stop users from switching to a custom brewed tool chain (WinAVR for example). I personally love the WinAVR for it's simplicity and maturity in handling corner case's when used in windows platform.

To configure WinAVR, do the following

Now you are done with configuring WinAVR to Atmel studio.

As always have a good time with studio. J



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