UTF Support in Atmel Studio

Hi all,

There had been some discussions regarding the support for UTF in studio. We see that this is more of a thing that should be supported by the underlying toolchain and the hardware. But from studio if you ever want to write some code for UTF, you can use the extensions offered by the GCC compiler to do so.


int main(void)
	//καλός in greek means good.	
	//char *singlebyte = "καλός";
	char *utf16 = u"καλός";	
	//char *utf16 = U"καλός";
	return 1;

Note : 
As in the above program, there seems to be extensions (u, U) to GCC that decides how the strings literals should be compiled

<br />Reference : <a href="http://blogs.oracle.com/ezannoni/entry/utf16_and_utf32_support_in_gcc">http://blogs.oracle.com/ezannoni/entry/utf16_and_utf32_support_in_gcc</a></p></blockquote>