verpatch fails with error code 193,

Some Introduction : Today we were debugging a third party tool called verpatch that we use for updating resource information in a installer executable created by Install Shield 2010. As you might have known, that InstallShield 2010 doesn't allow you to update the resource information of the installer you are creating. So we manually do it using verpatch. Resource information could be as simple as Version, Product Name, Copyright notice etc. (when the user right click the installer and views the Description tab).

The problem : Verpatch exited with error code 193 when
running the following command line
 verpatch.exe installer.exe /pv /va 
             /s FileDescription "my installer" 
             /s CompanyName "my company" 
             /s LegalCopyright "Copyright (C) my company"
             /s ProductName "my product" 

When i executed, the installer failed with the following error
Error opening file for update resources, err=193

After doing some debugging i found that the issue is with the regional settings of the computer and the executable. The regional settings of the computer is set to "Norwegien" and the default resource information of the executable is in english (which is created by install shield bootstrap) When i changed the system regional settings to en-US everything worked as expected. This was an issue with the Windows UpdateResource API not doing the fallback handling of resource information in the culture it it already there, and is specific with Windows XP SP3. The API is fixed in later version of windows.

Have a good time :)