Visionary Intrapreneurship - I

Visionary Intrapreneurship - I

An intrapreneur is an entrepreneur within a large firm, who uses entrepreneurial skills without incurring the risks associated with those activities. They are employees (ASE's, SE's, SSE's and other ajdfkajfk) within a company who are assigned to work and they are instructed to develop the project like an entrepreneur would. Read more

Intrepreneurship is a mindset and not a role. The more we cultivate it, the more you become. I will discuss some of the traits i believe are helpful to grow a long term career with an organization.


What you believe, is what you think,

What you think, is what you do
What you do, is what you become

Organizations have vision statement. Vision is a milestone in the future, and belief is a means to achieve it. It can only be a reality when some/most/all in the organization believe and work for it. We believe in ourselves, on matters that we like most, on matters we get appreciation, on matters that are rational and logical to believe (actually you not believing the subject, but the math).

Believing in the future, that too on ones that you have less control on, is a uncomfortable task for the human mind. But this myth is not for an intrapreneur.
I will try to run around examples on belief, so you can start believing.

Social Acceptance

Unlike logical conclusions, for a belief to have a successful outcome it needs social acceptance. Let's take an example.

  • Syria is in deep trouble.

Predominant population of the world accepts this. Those who haven't witnessed it, also believes the BBC news, statements by President Trump and Putin, and someone close to us following Generational Dynamics. So belief is influenced by social acceptance, when rational conclusions or data is not present. Ah Data ! Let's take the next example

Data driven

The only difference between social acceptance and data driven conclusions is that the former is accepted by the society you know and the later is accepted by the society that know it some time back in time. We call the later proven approaches/ methods and there is a better probability it works and there is math around it.

How many times have you tossed a coin and found that 1/2 probability is just a way of expressing it in paper, but it almost never happens, unless you do enough iterations to prove what is in paper. Life is the same. Data driven approaches is a means to understand the world and not a means to use for conclusions. Science has always challenged the past theories and every time it succeeds in proving them we call science evolves.

And the data that we collected about Neanderthal, only helped us understand Neanderthal. We use them as certain baseline for the evolution of mind, senses, intelligence and build our theories on top of it.

Let's take an example

  • The Arctic is melting so fast.

This is not a belief, but a data driven conclusion. We believe it when the Nordic scientists show what happened to the Svalbard island over the course of 30 years and why Russia and Finnish are so interested in the archipelago.


Belief is an important trait of an intrapreneur. If you don't believe in the vision, then you are believing the opposite of it, in which case the organization and the ones believing in it are going in one direction and you are not going anywhere. So to be successful you have to believe.

What should you do
  • Fix your belief system. Try read this book.
  • Talk to the higher officials in the organization, and find out why you don't believe. Most of the times it will turn out that you don't believe anything in life concretely. That's a trait that will help your life, if fixed.
  • Challenge your status Quo.
  • Start to believe that you can make a difference !

In my next article i will write about another important trait to succeed in a large organization. Persevere