Visionary Intrapreneurship - II

I will honestly agree, BELIEF IS HARD.

In the last post, i discussed about belief and why it is important to work in an organization. Now this is a sequel to that article.

What happens when you continue to believe in something and don't see the results. You lose motivation towards the belief. You start to question the belief, try to find all sorts of logic on why it cannot happen. Believe me ! That's an useful exercise. Continue to question the belief, because that is part of your belief to succeed in life.

There is one question though ? Who much time should you wait, before giving up on your belief ?

There is no right (or) wrong answer to this. There is no one number for this. It depends on the situation. This is an usual answer. But later i will tell you, that you can find an answer. Some examples

  • How much time should i wait, to know if i will pass the the 10th grade ?
    Till the results come. Pretty easy !
  • How much time should i wait to see, if my business succeeds ?
    mm, A tricky one. Till you start doing something different, and don't see the results. The answer might not be outside, but inside. Something in you have to change, not the circumstances. Circumstances is a reflection of your inner mind / thoughts. You see what you want to see.

  • How many times should you retry, if you fail in your 10th grade
    mm, Tricky again. If you want to pass, and was not able to, you should try it till you pass. Else don't do, because you never will.
  • Should i quit my organization, or continue.

    Sounds familiar !. There are a number of souls out there, with this question, primarily between the age of 20 - 30, and most of them take the wrong decision by either staying or quitting. The quick short answer is weather you want to go after something (or) avoid something. Both are equally deceiving and destructive

Chew up the above things in mind for a while (5-10 minutes) and think about what comes to your mind immediately. Whatever it is you will learn what it means to be persevered in a given situation. Life responds to those who persevere !


continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.

We want life to be smooth all the time, despite our inability to handle life in a smooth fashion. Even if things are smooth, and you are not, you should look at yourself and ask, "What is the real problem anyways ?"
In an organization, it's no different. We want things to happen in the way we believe is right. You will face three personalities in an organization (based on writings by Thomas Harris and Amy Harris).

  • Adult - People at your age, maturity, experience, and buy-in to your arguments.
  • Child - People younger than you in age / maturity / experience and believe what you speak is not understandable / meaningless / doesn't make sense.
  • Parent - People elder than you in age / maturity / experience and definitely believe that they know things better than you, (or) they believe that you don't know any better better than them, and are totally convinced about it.

In the above case, the Adults keep you happy. The child make you angry, and the Parent make you quit. We firmly believe, that the Adult and Child can be managed / convinced because they either understand you (or) they look up to you (or) you don't care about them. But that won't disturb your personality and your "self esteem". But the third category, "The Parent" can rule you. So you don't like to be ruled and you decide to quit. There are "Parents", who don't challenge you and you feel really comfortable. In this case, you firmly decide to stay, which is equally a bad option. Because you found a caring parent, that pleases your ego.

We often leave an organization, because we want to quit a parent. And there are cases, where you go after a parent. Very rarely people go after a child / adult, but you seldom quit one. But isn't the same problem in life as well, but without the choice of quitting ? You don't have a way, you have to set things right, if they go wrong; and you end up living with the same parent and child (happiely !). Your have a choice to quit your adult partner (what a contridiction with work ?)and it purely depends, but in life we quit adults because we either don't want to be a child, or not able to parent the other :P. If we are ready to stay as adult with another, then life is beautiful.

Quitting is the most easiest form of solving (avoiding actually) problems, it has been that way for all normal people, the working, the employed. Some ways to persevere a given situation.

I have a bad boss

This is the most common one. Look inside and try to find why the boss look bad to you. Is it just for you, (or) for the whole organization. You should do the following.

  1. Go to your boss, and tell him/her that you want to fix everything and would like to start fresh.
  2. Tell him that he/she should see you differently, erase the prejudices.
  3. Ask him, what are the list of things that you should fix from your side.
  4. Evaluate if it's a perception problem being carried forward from the past (possibly from a different person). Did any of your past instance influence your boss about your personality / character. If so speak about it and make him understand that you are committed to fix it, (or) re-iterate the situation and what you did, and how it was perceived.
    Any boss will help you in this path. If not, go to your boss's boss. He will. Go to the HR. She will. If none works out , QUIT immediately.

I hate the work, it's not challenging

Bro, if you hate work, you either hate it's complacence, or not able to understand it's complexity. In both cases you have to evaluate the following.

  1. How many years, were you in a project / team before you declare that you are too bored with work ? If the answer is less than 1, then you don't have a depth of understanding in the project. You are not ready to fix the existing things. You want to write new code, because you can make enough mistakes, and get away from reading existing code (which is very important for a software engineer).

  2. You feel that you are not learning a lot . Then you are not going to learn anywhere else as well. You should fix it from within you. A good engineer should first find problems in whatever he sees. A good character is revealed when he conveys the problems in a very good manner to the rest of the floor. He should be committed to learn at least one thing a day. Should be open to learn anything from anyone. Should be happy to reveal his ignorance.

  3. You feel that you were not rated to your performance ? If you were not rated properly and you quit, the first time you were rated improperly, then you are wrong again. You should fix it as well. Go and discuss with you boss / HR about what you expect and what you got. Tell them why you deserve it. Sometimes the whole business is like that, sometimes it's a mistake from your manager. You have to learn to do upward management (teach you boss, why you are important, and what he should do). Don't take the titles for granted. People do make mistake. The point is how costly is it for you. Can you take it with your personal life and forgive the person. Can you take it with you personal life and cannot forgive the person, try to forgive them Yar. Help your manager to rate you properly. Don't just quit, then you don't learn anything. You have to be bold and courageous to fight the situation. Never give up !

Fixing things in the workplace, bring belief, courage in you. You no longer see "quitting" as a way of escaping the flaws in your own character. In reality you will find this exercise useful to grow in your own life.

I found this video to be a good introduction / motivation to understand persevere.