Visionary Intrepreneurship - III

In the previous post i discussed about persevere and it's relevance in an organization. In this post we will discuss gratitude

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful. – Buddha

Gratitude is like the beautiful row of flowers in the garden. The more flowers that blossom, the more happiness and beauty it brings in. There is nothing like a word of "thanks". Most often we don't realize the greatness of people and deeds in the day to day life. We do when we move to a new place, and over time somehow it becomes a preoccupation to expect that people do things for us, because that is what they are suppose to do, after all. It's not about what they do, it's about what you do. :-) . You can feel simple, to say "Thanks", "Awesome", "Wonderful". These words bring energy to the environment and keep people around you motivated.

Every day i start to office and vow that i will be thankful 15 times. (Once an hour till i am awake). I practiced it for quiet some time and what happened was that, i felt thankful every minute. That is because when i thank something at the surface, i started to understand things beyond it, and the more i thanked them, the more deeper my understanding become. For example, every morning i leave to office at 9:30 and when i park the car, the security checks my car and verifies my identity. I thanked him for the security he is providing me. Then i understood why they use the mirror to check underneath the car. They are not doing it, because i will carry an explosive, but someone else would have placed an explosive without my knowledge. This was news to me, because i hear people complaining that, "What if i have a bomb underneath my seat", for all of you it's not that they suspect you. They want you safe, so "Thank" them when you see them.

I go to the coffee bar in office, and i get a nice fresh ground filter coffee from the person. I don't thank her, but i make a good pleasant smile. She feels welcoming, and makes a better coffee. Here i am not saying "Thanks", but i take a moment out of my time to think about her job, and appreciate it, and that's what brought the nice smile in me. Believe me, the smile will convey your intent. The next time i go to get a cup of coffee, i exactly get the composition of the coffee right. Amazing, I get a better smile at her. I don't need to tip and spoil that gratitude. The smile is respectful and any monetary benefits are auxiliary.

I go to my team and smile at each one of them, and they give it in return. It gives a good sense of confidence and we start the day with happiness. Again, the smile comes out of the gratitude i have for them, for the work they do, for the professionalism them exhibit, for the belief they have for the organization. These things doesn't come at free of cost nowadays. But when it's available, it's important we feel grateful for them.

Like these there are a lot of things in life we can be thankful for. The family, the government.

Some practical tips :

I don't feel thankful to my team member, because he could have done a better job like the person in the next team

Well, this is an obvious one. But this is totally wrong and i can prove it. Let's say your team member doesn't know 'X' and the other team member know 'X'. When you have issues with doing 'X' we feel bad about the team member, which is fine. But when your team member know 'Y' and he does it well, do we go to the other team member and make an effort to understand how much he know 'Y', and come back and appreciate your team member ? If you don't do it, you cannot complain. If you do it, you are wasting your time just to validate your thankfulness to someone.

The problem here is we see thankfulness as what someone does better than other. NO. What someone does based on what they know, and if you are thankful to it that will grow in that person. So don't validate (or) think too much to be thankful to someone. Just be thankful.

If i am thankful to people, will they take me for granted

No, they won't as long as you are genuine about what you are thankful for. If someone come to meeting on time and if you say, "Hey, Thanks for coming on time", that is not nice. Wait, previously we said that we can be thankful for simple things and now we say it might not be nice. The key here is the expression of thankfulness. Here the expression is not verbally thanking them, but to conduct a useful meeting. When people come on time, and if you are prepared and start and end the meeting on time with productive use of time, then that is the way to show thanks. This will create a smile in everyone that they had a good use of time. So there is different ways to be thankful for different situations. The key is to master them over time. But the first step is to feel thankful.