Visual Studio VSX Developer help links

The following are some of the links that one of our good fellow developers had compiled during his period of work here with us.

Ordering the options page

=========> Set the Reg Key - Sort

[$RootKey$\ToolsOptionsPages\AVR Toolchain\GCC 8-Bit]


[$RootKey$\ToolsOptionsPages\AVR Toolchain\GCC 32-Bit]


[$RootKey$\ToolsOptionsPages\AVR Toolchain\Assembler]


Show All Files in the project

Get all the configurations!

Dim proj As Project = DTE.Solution.Projects.Item(1)

        For Each confname As String In proj.ConfigurationManager.ConfigurationRowNames

           Dim conf As Configuration = proj.ConfigurationManager.ConfigurationRow(confname)

            '' do your logical on the configuration.


Miscellaneous Files folder in the project

F1 help on Tools options page

Project properties Help

About EEPROM in Assembler projects.

Change the text in Status Bar and its icon

Output to errorlist

string unformattedXml = "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?><book><author>Lewis, C.S.</author><title>The Four Loves</title></book>";

string formattedXml = XElement.Parse(unformattedXml).ToString();


Format a string as XML...........

Invisible build output pane:

Options Page; Environment Node properties:

HOWTO: Getting properties from the DTE.Properties collection of Visual Studio .NET.

Get the return value of a thread callig method:

Force a project to Unload and Reload

Set as Main

Add frm file

Get current selected Project Item in the Solution Explorer

Navigate files in the Solution

  => Lock and Unlock a folder

Capture Save, Close event - Opened document

Package GUIDs for Visual Studio Features